How is a Montessori school different than other schools?

Montessori schools have a structured and stimulating classroom environment, with many hands-on learning materials on the shelves which are available to the children. The community of students follows agreed upon classroom guidelines. Because of the clear structure, it is possible to allow the students the freedom to follow his/her interests. When a student is inspired to learn about a topic, their learning can feel effortless. Montessori classrooms are student-centered, not teacher-centered.

Montessori students retain their joy of learning throughout their years at the school. They are not bored, trapped in their seats listening passively to a teacher. Instead, the students are actively moving about the classroom, investigating areas of interest: math, language, geography, science and more.

The students view their teachers as allies and mentors. The teachers move among the students giving lessons and providing help where needed.

The classroom buzzes with purposeful activity.

Dr. Maria Montessori studied children and designed an educational approach that met their needs. Although Dr. Montessori did her work a long time ago, her guiding beliefs and methods of education have been proved effective, and even cutting edge, in recent educational studies. This work has been summarized in Montessori: The Science Behind the Genius, by Angeline Stoll Lillard.

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